Welcome to the personal site of Darryl Hicks, CEO of Tungsten Revenue Consultants, Co-Founder of Tungsten Solutions

Welcome to the personal site of Darryl Hicks, CEO Tungsten Revenue Consultants, Co-Founder Tungsten Solutions

CEO, Entrepreneur, Dad, Husband, Friend, Autodidact

Slash Costs, Increase Revenues

As the Co-Founder of Tungsten Solutions and CEO of Tungsten Revenue, I help our partners and clients to generate more revenues on lower costs with the power of innovation and [unique, leading edge] technology.

Share of Wallet

Having a strong base of satisfied customers is an excellent platform from which to offer additional products and services these people crave. Both Tungsten Solutions and Tungsten Revenue help you give them more, for more.

Business With a Heart

At the risk of sounding like a pushover, my companies—and partnerships—are driven by a strong desire to do business ethically and honestly. A clear conscience is the best pillow.

Nice to meet you, I'm Darryl Hicks.

You already know what companies I run and have founded (the two Tungsten’s, if you will), so here’s a bit more about what these companies do, and why I love doing it.

Direct marketing is the foundation on which Tungsten Revenue Consultants was built, with over a decade of real-world experience under its belt, servicing millions of clients in four countries.

Founded in 2014, Tungsten Solutions is now focused on bringing our powerful, proprietary technology to the health insurance industry, helping TPA’s, PEO’s and FI’s deliver unprecedented value to market, while reducing expensive infrastructure and helping make their clients lives better.

Sounds a bit Utopian, but it’s true. We’re doing good things, profitably. It’s a great way to do business. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and what we have our sights set on next, both at Tungsten Solutions and Tungsten Revenue Consultants.

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